Someone Who’s Outlook Shows Beauty Within

As skeptics knew in ancient greece
Life is coloured by perception
Our feelings of happiness of unease
Create aspects of deception

We know within the core of all
Though outer aspect odious
Behind each bitter facade a soul
A heart so kind and beauteous

Yet due to life’s vicissitudes
We fear the risk of harm
It hardens our outer attitudes
Removes all human charm

What have those of harsh lives to fear
Death pain and suffering nought
More scared to hold others as friends dear
The risk of which life has taught

Within our armours impenetrable seal
We sit away from life’s cruelty
No chink in our defences we reveal
No risk of being hurt or happy

To see the beauty through others eyes
Lose our thoughts of their delusion
Removing our built up fear of lies
Truly share in their beautiful vision

No shallow judgment of others made
Deciding who may treat us kind
For such qualities may change or fade
True beauty lies deep in the mind

No trust for each individual impression
Still seeing the beauty in others views
Though experience means to have discretion
Careful in the visions we may choose

Omnipresent beauty within humanity
Every individual having some value
But through armour and undeserved vanity
Rarely reached that centre so true

Like an oracle hermit in a man made cave
Venturing out others eyes to see through
Grateful for those who in their true worth gave
Something of both beauty and of value

For in that open heart and open mind
Lies something worth lowering defences
A treasure and a genuine find
To touch my inner self and guarded senses

Easy Targets for Fashionable Bigotry

Do you know what a cracker is?
When you hear them take the piss
Has things in common with another slur
That of the disparaged honky folk
Or the red-neck subject of joke
Beyond meaning white skin what is there?

They all referred to poor workers
Insults originally from toffy nosed shirkers
To demean the labouring lower class
The lower class insulted fashionably
Done by the privileged readily
As their friend laughs like a jackass

Of course it’s happened before
With loony, nigger or whore
When abusing them was in vogue
Easy targets for the bigoted soul
Who use abuse to make themselves whole
Needing to make other humans beings a joke

In this country the working class male
Is the poorest & most likely to fail
It isn’t a genetic trait being realised
Though the richest are also white men
Disparaging comments never touch them
The bigotry hit’s those who are most despised

The rich white men never discriminated
The poorest take the prejudice instead
They are the easy powerless target for cruelty
So enjoy your fashionable attacks
At the class with the world on their backs
You should be ashamed of your bigotry

So cry out the words White Male privilege
Dismiss arguments as white mansplanation
Breed hatred, reverse the efforts of suffrage
Realise the future is in part your creation

Your daily sowing of hateful prose
Decisions that other genetically different
Power by division clear among your goals
Fertile ground for division and embitterment


Angela seems the perfect name
For an Angel who walks the earth
Within such a beautiful frame
Lives a soul and heart of worth

With gentle love for all creatures
She exhibits a gentle grace
Such beauty in her features
Suck love when i see her face

I was for years a suffering lost soul
When God brought her to my side
She came to make my life whole
To my Sweetheart I could confide

I miss her when she is not here
I know she is needed elsewhere
Amidst the loneliness and fear
I need her warm loving care

For she is my Sweetheart so sure
Without her I am drained of power
The part of my heart which is pure
The light in my darkest hour


Your company is a kindness
Admirable to the core
An innate sense of gentleness
That any should adore

You have a beauty Sarah
In your very humanity
A loving gentle sharer
A being of true beauty

You cannot measure such
As those with such kind heart
The soul they seem to touch
Sensitivity you impart

Around you in your home
It’s clear love you don’t lack
Touched as if by gentle poem
When just sat among your pack

With you I also find
Trust in your wisdom too
Admiring your mind
Knowing your words are true

There’s no one who is fairer
Wondrous to comprehend
That the gentle lady Sarah
Who I love as my dear friend

Rather an Eidolon Ghostly Bodach than this

A ponging stench a sudden fetor
A reeking miasmatic odour
Informedly told me myself something
With an emotional inkling apprehension
Suspicious notional hunchlike premonition
The something actually existing was happening
Horrifically witlessly terrified
Scared stiff & frighteningly horrified
Feeling a ghostly phantom spirit presence
A pearly smoky silvery womanly female
Greyish sooty gunmetal feminine dame pale
Standing erect upright I visually saw hence
My fearful apprehensive fear gone went and left
Departed from me, away leaving me bereft
Worse was this ghostly wraithlike phantasm
Replacedly exchangedly swapped substituted
Instead exasperatedly displeasingly irritated
I was to be spookily haunted by a pleonasm

Yo ho ho take some Drugs with that Rum

Day now long gone those days of yore
Back with me in time you should come
To the privateer times we had before
Tales of high seas and prirate scum
Alison Whelan pirate of old
From Paignton Devon she came so bold
Her story here it needs to be told
She was not one afraid to shock
By her side trusty Tristram Locke
Would they both end up in the dock
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Back to year twenty eleven
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Somalia was a pirates heaven
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Paignton Pleasure Cruises did oppress
With forty five foot ship Dart Princess
Who would end the seafarers distress
A Lambrini girl by dawn sun
Paignton authority she would shun
Lambrini girl’s just wanna have fun
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Using a pseudonoym she knew
Yo ho ho and some more Lambrini
She and Tristan Locke as her trusty crew
Yo ho ho and a tight mankini
Stole the Dart Princess then they cheered
“I’m Jack Sparrow,” she boldly declared
“I’m a pirate,” no constable feared
There she blows towards rising sun
For a life of buckaneer fun
Landlubbers without cutlass nor gun
Yo ho ho and here comes the Sweeney

“What are you going to do now?”
Yo ho ho from the drunken old tart
Jurisdiction she thought stopped at the ships bow
Yo ho ho she was pissed as a fart
The high seas they were still far away
Three mile limit not quite reached today
The ferry hadn’t left Dartmouth Bay
Hallucinating from Deadly Nightshade
Of thirty police they weren’t afraid
Neither by coastguards or lifeboat swayed
Yo ho ho just fucked up from the start

Into the yacht the Force Majeure
Yo ho ho something mixed with that rum
The moored boat Tomcat damaged for sure
Yo ho ho just by now a queasy tum
No piracy nor hunts for lost treasure
Their estuary trip not a pleasure
Swiftly surrended claiming she had a seizure
Claiming their destination St. Tropez
Sympathy of the court tried to sway
Instead a third of a year locked away
Yo ho ho as pirates quite dumb

Unbearable Me

My mind is torturing me
Can life never be easy
It is like my reality is a cruel joke
For nowhere I belong
What is it I do wrong
I seem to be confused by other folk
Uncomfortable in my bed
Thoughts sit heavy in my head
By weight of force they force my skull apart
Not starting in the brain
This never ending pain
They surely originate inside my heart
My body gives nothing but pain
My mind is driving me insane
Why for humanity am I simply not enough
And I am left assuming
Some part of me not human
Outside the species I try hard to love
I feel a heavy shame
Their interactions a game
One I don’t have the wits to understand
I help as I can best
But must just fail the test
Dismissed on failure so swiftly offhand
I try to seek pure solitude
Then others choose to intrude
I think I’m near the friendship I so treasure
However on closer inspection
I have some horrid infection
The disease causes revulsion and displeasure
I can no longer endure
I need to know the cure
In a prison I do not know what is my crime
The peaceful life of a hermit
If no-one on earth can submit
To the misery of with me just spending time
As I feel this madness grow
Self esteem it sinks so low
That I begin to wish I wasn’t here with me
By depression swallowed whole
My heart, my mind and soul
No wonder no-one else can stand my company
I want no-one else near enough
That for them I feel love
For in that closeness they will see the real me
Why can’t I stay inside
And from the whole world hide
Then the thing I’ve got wrong others will not see

Luxurious Luxuria

Is this more than sexual ludus
A feeling of teenage impetus
An inner flutter when eyes meet
Are we too old for crushes
Bewildered I find you so luscious
Beguiling cherubically sweet

Sybaritic enticing sonsy
I’m appetent, esurient for thee
Priapescent extrusion apparent
Seraphic curvaceous creation
Concupiscent infatuation
I’m driven erotically indecent

This is not driven by my good heart
But by gibbousness in my worst part
Your body my libido it taunts
Fellatial used to masturbate
To sodomise roughly fornicate
Enraptured by carnal wants

Enthralled by lustful fires
A nymph to fulfill my desires
Craving you when you are near
Not thinking you philial or wife
But ravishing impetuous swive
Purely selfish luxuria

Modern Conservative Anthem

Let’s kill a cripple today
Until they all go away
Mentally ill people too
It should be easy to do
Learning disabled can be
As depressed as you and me
Let’s push them to the limit
See their numbers plummet
We’ll claim that it is necessary
To starve them and cause suicide
Disposing of the vulnerable easily
Who knows how many have died
So we’ll boast of Conservative Values
And claim to be patriotic
The vast moronic majority will follow
We’ll only give rich people their due
Treat the rest like their idiotic
As in a cesspit of cruelty we wallow
Pride and stupidity so often collide
In this modern society
The people seem almost terrified
To not show stupidity
It’s bad for the economy
So terrible for the country
Serving the needs of the few
The vast majority they can go screw
Earn less than five hundred grand a year
You’ll be losing out then have no fear
Let austerity last forever
They’re all in the shit together
Oh Tory Lords, Tory Lords Make us your Bitch
If you Rape Children we will not Snitch
Tomorrow will Come and we’ll live in a Ditch
Tomorrow belongs to the Rich

Modern Monetary Truth

To most it seems quite logical
Sensible and so rational
That we have to pay off all of our debt
They don’t ask who moneys owed to
Or why this money is due
Such thoughts can never enter into their head
They don’t ask where money comes from
Or why that causes a problem
They simply insist they know the reality
That money the creation of government
Is owed by them as if lent
And Government could not create more easily
Through years of misinformation
This mindset’s the rich man’s creation
Has taught these people simply to not question
Money no longer made from gold
Made from computer strokes untold
To save these up must be their bold suggestion
So we starve and kill the poor
So God knows what we can then store
And in future we will supposedly then spend that
We lose our common property
And hope of general prosperity
Whilst the rich folks balances grow hugely fat
The problems are artificial
Designed to be prejudicial
Something those with any sense must see
Turning most of us to slaves
Force many into early graves
This is the fault of the rich not you or me
Modern Monetary Theory the answer
The simple truth is right there
We can create a future of real worth
But people ignore the idea
It’s not pushed by rich man’s media
We do not need to create this hell on earth